Murder at 1600 (1997)

Director : Dwight H. Little
Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Cast : Wesley Snipes as Detective Regis, Diane Lane as Nina Chance, Daniel Benzali as Spikings, Dennis Miller as Detective Stengel, Alan Alda as Jordan, Ronny Cox as President Jack Neil, Diane Baker as Kitty Neil, Tate Donovan as Kyle Neil, Harris Yulin as General Clark Tully, Tom Wright as Cooper, Nicholas Pryor as Paul Moran, Charles Rocket as Jeffrey, Nigel Bennett as Burton Cash, Tamara Gorski as Young Woman In Bar, Douglas O`Keeffe as Assassin – John Kerry, Tony Nappo as Luchessi, Mary Moore as Carla Town, George R. Robertson as Mack Falls, Ho Chow as Tepper, James Millington as Lt. Marty Dill, John Bourgeois as Captain Farr, Peter James Haworth as Treasury Guard, David Gardner as Speaker Of The House, Cliff McMullen as Sniper – Carl, Keith Williams as Lawyer Randy Queeg, Grace Armas as Screaming Cleaning Woman, David Fraser as Brack Electronics, George Sperdakos as Reporter – Last Press, Sandra Caldwell as Mrs. Wallace, Frank Moore as Captain Ford Gibbs, Richard Blackburn as Coroner Jimmy Foley, James Gallanders as Law Student, Victor Ertmanis as Cop Bartender, Richard Fitzpatrick as Law Professor, Michael Ricupero as Landlord, Chris Gillett as V.P. Gordon Dylan, J. Craig Sandy as F.B.I. Agent #1, Robert Bidaman as V.P. Aide, Carol Anderson as Capt. Farr`s Asst., Christopher Kennedy as Techy, Michael Kinney as Reporter – Jail (as Mike Kinney), Mike Hambrick as CNN Reporter (as Michael Hambrick), Jackie Bensen as TV Reporter #2, Maureen Bunyan as TV Reporter #3, Kathryn Klvana as TV Reporter #4, Dan Duran as CNN Reporter #1, Sheldon Turcott as CNN Newscaster #1, Sandi Stahlbrand as CNN Reporter #2, Tom Urich as CNN News Anchor, Tino Monte as Local Newscaster, Raven Dauda as Waitress, Michael Dyson as Treasury Drone, Aron Tager as Treasury Guard #2, Doris E. McMillon as Network Reporter #1, Lewis Grenville as Network Reporter #3, Mo Kelso as Gorgeous Woman (as Moe Kelso), Junior Williams as Medic, Howard Hoover as Suit #1, Bryan Renfro as Suit #2, Markus Parilo as Suit #3, Leigh Bianco as Suit #4 (as Leigh E. Brinkman), Len Wagner as Suit #5, Peter Ellery as Suit #6, Ray Paisley as Suit #7, Brian King as Suit #8, Donald Jones as Reporter C, Marco Bianco as Secret Service, Matt Birman as Secret Service, Eric Bryson as Secret Service, Walter Masko as Secret Service, Branko Racki as Secret Service, Mike Chute as Secret Service (as Mike Shute), Tye Tyukodi as Secret Service (as Anton Tyukodi), Lee Eskey as Shouter, Babs Hopkinson as Cocktail Waitress, Steve Lucescu as CIA Hitman #1, Christopher Northup as The Heckler, Ryan Weichel as Parking Valet
Plot : At a span of international incident, the body of a tender lady staffer is summed up inside a White House clothes washing room…
Run Time : 107 min | Argentina:108 min
Country : USA
Company : Warner Bros. Pictures