Mountain Mafia (2012)

Director : Cherokee Hall
Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama
Cast : Casey Miracle as Dwight Hamilton, Tiffany Shepis as Tara, Rupert Boneham as Bo, Al Snow as Charlie Hamilton, Tim Wilson as Hank, Mike Jones as Darius, Mike Holman as Derrick Newsome, Ying Yang Twins as Justin and Schaef, Robert Z`Dar as Sheriff Dumas, Josh Diogo as Billy Joe, Amy Hayes as Andrea, D. Roc as Schaef, Kaine as Justin, Stacey T. Gillespie as Lucian, Rebecca Prem Groppe as Momma, Andrew Hyde as Mickey, Billy W. Blackwell as June Bug, Tom Menendez as Mr. Italy, Chris Winters as Kane, Reaper M. Jones as Cornbread, Jim O`Rear as Rendle, Daniel Emery Taylor as Leroy Hannigan, Michelle Shields as Lilly, Heather Price as Kitty Jones, Tanner Gray as Brad Hamilton, Laura Hawkins as Linda, James Arnold as Hunter, David Gooslin as Jimbo, Eric Henninger as Marco, Jessica Miracle as Janine, Steve Bryant as Newt, Heath Napier as Ricky, Keith Dodson as Uncle Kelsey, Derrick Hughes as Bo`s Crew, Claude Miles as Bobby, D.W. Eversole as B.J., John Cory Stringer as Johnny, Karl Rose as Chip, Cherokee Hall as Earl Ray, Dale Miller as Gun Man, Russ Croley as Jack Coffey, Ryan Buckley as RockNRolla, David Fultz as Hair Bear, Karen Boles as Prosecutor Johanna Grisham, Jacob Ennis as Cousin Jacob, Kayla Perkins as ER Receptionist Nurse, Sonny Burnette as Hit Man, Billy T. Boyd as Barry, David Pittinger as Court Officer, Adrielle Perkins as Stenographer, Mark Holmberg as Frankie, Nathan Day as Cash, William S. Tolliver as Bubba Tinley, George W. Bailey as Judge, Chris Bills as Tony, Anthony Conley as Craig, Ray Basham as Courtroom Extra, Bill Blackburn as Courtroom Extra, James Vallo as Red Sheenah Burton as Courtroom Extra, Whitney Cole as Courtroom Extra, Judy Connelley as Courtroom Extra, Patricia Connelley as Courtroom Extra, Tom Coop as Courtroom Extra, Sandy Gahan as Courtroom Extra, Kadence Ginter as Courtroom Extra, Tracey Ginter as Courtroom Extra, Mercedes Gooslin as Courtroom Extra, Robin Gooslin as Tony`s Wife, Steve Guynn as Merele, Timothy Hagan as Courtroom Extra, Allie Hembree as Courtroom Extra, Vance Hetherington as Billy Wayne, Arlis Johnson as Sonny Hamilton, Bruce Johnson as Big Guy, Alisha Kattara as Courtroom Extra, Jaden Kattara as Courtroom Extra, Deuce Keader as Johnscreek Jones, M. Kelley as Skinny Tv Character, Tiger Chung Lee as Lee, Sal Lizard as Courtroom Extra, Kathy Luttrell as Courtroom Extra, Renee Maria as Courtroom Extra, Randy Martin as Big, Bernadett Matassa as Mallory, Amy Metzger as Courtroom Extra, Jeff Mitchell as Rosco, T.J. Moreschi as TJ, John Newkirk as Nick Adkins, Russell Parks as Whitlin Jack, Tiffany Parrott as Brooke, Michelle Perkins as Courtroom Extra, Shawn C. Phillips as Fat Tv Character, Mike Reid as Mike Jones Driver, Courtney Richardson as Courtroom Extra, Leslie Rogers as Nurse, Tabetha Rose as Courtroom Extra, Z.D. Smith as Skeeter, Cierra Sorrell as Maid, Rhyan Sprague as Courtroom Extra, Toni Sprague as Courtroom Extra, Ginger Stapp as Courtroom Extra, Brandon Stevenson as Allerd, Tim (as Courtroom Extra), Angie Unger as Courtroom Extra, Michael Van Zant as Alec, Vitelle Webb as Dr. Long, Kelley Whidden as Greg, Nick Wilson as Sam, Tom Wilson as Courtroom Extra
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Language : English
In the rolling surroundings of Appalachia, splendor resides indoor each valley as nonetheless as atop the crest of each hill…
In the rolling panorama of Appalachia, splendor resides indoor each valley in addition to atop the crest of each hill. It is the home of bluegrass, horses, coal mines, in addition to tobacco. Under the follow of this troublesome veneer, a treacherous underbelly lies. A globe upset along furthermore drugs, guns, money, in addition to the Mountain Mafia habits all. Shortly behind the passing of his mum in addition to appointment his human being mate, Dwight begins snooping his column of exert in addition to his continuation inside general, in addition to comes to the realization that he wishes out basically for his head accidentally rekindles an old-time feud along furthermore a foe medication family. Now Dwight must brand a poll to either exit along furthermore his different human being chum or save someone’s bacon excepting his head in addition to danger it all. Blood, bullets, betrayal, in addition to the Mountain Mafia!