Knaptid: Four Days After the First Abduction (2004)

Director : David Curran
Genre : Action, Horror
Cast : Tommy Jay Charlson as Doc, Patricia Curran as Dead Body, Sean Curran as Sean, Jennifer Elliot as Simms, Sara Jo Hayes as Hernandez, Jason M. Lathrop as Rivera, Natasha Shie McInnes as Heidi, Natasha Shie McInnis as Heidi, Heidi Sue Meyer as Gail, `Two Gun` Denny O`Loughlin as Himself, Denny O`Loughlin as Two-gun (Himself), Alysha Marie Oravetz as Margo, Brian Payton as Police Chief, Ann Peacock as Maureen (as Ann C. Johnson), Brendan Shanahan as Joseph, Patrick Walrath as Stevie
Run Time : USA:72 min
Filming Locations : Missoula, Montana, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
What if the unsuitable masses determined to brand a certainty small screen television enter communicated with `Marry a Mountain Man.` What if one amongst one another was accurately evil? Can three innocent, kidnapped grown men run off also their lives?
What if the improper people at large was firm to type a veracity telly show? What if one amongst one another was really evil? Can three innocent, kidnapped mature women flee in addition to their lives? Four time subsequent to the foremost abduction we see a little woman, Gail, someone kidnapped. She wakes, inside a hut in addition to two different women, wearing a particular collar – single that will eradicate her if she tires to eliminate it, with surprise her if she struggles to escape. Enter the kidnapper Stevie. Stevie is earning a telly show: `How to Marry a Mountain Man.` Gail grasps he is not the consummate thing there inside the head, with he is never clever sufficient to financial financial statement this. When Stevie grass the mature women struggle an escape. As Margo struggles to get there a pool to brusquest out the collar, an unnoticed gunman prepares to force her. Only the advance of Stevie impedes Margo`s death. When Stevie grass to kidnap a end contestant the mature women try out again. Carrying the collars` market tower in addition to one another inside a wheelbarrow, they dig up a fine span somewhere else sooner than they envision Stevie falling back. They hide the wheelbarrow with market tower with surge come to someone’s rescue to their prison. Stevie thoroughfares wide awake then again under no circumstances brings the current babe in. The subsequently dawn the girls find out the current babe insensitive in the back of Stevie`s cabin in addition to a extraordinarily modify Stevie observing more than her. The girls surge for the purpose that it, then again are shortly pursued by the secret gunman – a grown-up a large amount of numerous risky than Stevie – with a well-versed pack rat killer. Can they escape?

Knaptid: Four Days After the First Abduction (2004)
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