I`m Still Here (2009)

Genre : Action, Crime, Drama
Cast : Walter Banasiak as Jason Lonesephine, Harry Locke IV as Julio Perez, Daniel Grenchik as Adam Fuentes, Mark Svalina as Leonard Oliver, Sarah Wartman as Katherine Taylor, Sarah Brooks as Meryl `Violet` Calderone, Brian Ford as Tommy Marks, Anthony LaBanca as Stackz, Robert Jefferson Jr. as Marco, Emily Cap as Nurse / Attacked Woman, Kristina Nuzzo as Anchor Woman, James Gianotti as Young Lonesephine, Rosemarie Banasiak as Lonesephine`s Mother, Michael Swibes as Man Beat in Fight Club, Glenn Perkins as Thug, Justin Hoffman as Thug, James Banasiak as Gang Member, Nick LaBanca as Gang Member / Nick Basil, Pedro Olivarez as Gang Member, Alex LaBanca as Gang Member, Alex Karagias as Gang Member, Manuel `Switch` Mendiela as Gang Member, Barry Ryte as Gang Member, Michael Wilczynski as Gang Member, Jake Hendron as Gang Member, Gillian Szarkowicz as Gang Member, Mark Noto as Gang Member, Ricky Villalobos as Gang Member, John Gonzalez as Gang Member, John Schauer as Gang Member, Chris Zaklan as Gang Member, Zach Gutowski as Gang Member, Andrew Swibes as Gang Member, Don Swibes as Gang Member, Oscar Sandoval as Gang Member, Dan Paz as Gang Member, Alisha Smith as Gang Member, Aaron Clark as Gang Member, Michelle Wieneke as Gang Member
Run Time : 128 min
Filming Locations : Calumet City, Illinois, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
A loner along furthermore a kicking of the bucket aspiration (Walter Banasiak)seeks revenge opposed to the gang lord (Harry Locke IV) liable for because the murder of his mum as anyways as finest friend.
I`m Still Here chronicles the strong-minded fairy-tale of Jason Lonesephine (Walter Banasiak), a loner and a demise desire opposition terrifying weapons dealer, Julio Perez (Harry Locke IV), a grown man (be in charge for) as both the corruption of Lonesephine`s native land also the spiteful murder of both his within sight comrade also mother. Against the entirety odds, Lonesephine must at this time wrangle to estimate those unafraid sufficient to converge his cause to salvage the city chattered to its knees by Perez also the hug he holds on the city`s edit enforcement. In this fairy-tale of blood also betrayal, Lonesephine will troth constraint to redefine justice, inside a abode that has extensive been explained by cowardice.

I`m Still Here (2009)
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