Helix (2009)

Director : Aram Rappaport
Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi
Cast : Alexa Vega as Ashley, Austin O`Brien as Jae, Carlo Lorenzo Garcia as Johnny, Nick Eversman as Shane, Circus-Szalewski as Bum, Brook Toland as Punky, David Hernandez as Ray Martinez, Samantha Long as Kristi, Gabriel Abeyta as Stoner Friend #1, Alan Ball as Convenience Store Owner, Martin Bertucci as Young Couple Guy, Gene Bryant as Crime Scene Cop, Robert Burger as Paramedic #1, Brad Carmody as Skateboarder, Jeff Christian as Detective Steve Haack, Shannon Edwards as Man In Mall, Fernando Flores as Cop, Darren Elliot Fulsher as Janitor, Justin Gears as Jogger, Mo Hickey as Lindsay, Deven Kampel as Jess, Albina Katsman as Teenager #3, Madeline Kettlewell as Stoner Friend #2, Thomas Kosik as Crime Scene Detective, Nichole Kourvas as Crime Scene Onlooker #1, Erin Luboff as Bystander, Kevin Mimms as Kevin, Katherine Lee Murphy as Riverside Resident, Skyler Neilsen-Sorensen as Skateboard Kid, Will Norton as Riverwalk Resident, Sean O`Pry, Carrin Sherman as Teenager, Eliza Shin as Young Couple Woman, Duchyll Martin Smith as Woman on Corner, Zach Sorensen-Nielsen as Skateboard Kid, Jonathan Taylor as Paramedic #2, James Toland as Man Honking Horn, Lindsay Toland as Teenager #1, Rebekah Ward-Hays as Mom
Plot : Based on a right incident, Helix is the gripping fairy-tale of five unrelated lives that turn out to be inextricably bent solitary frozen Chicago morning…
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Company : Windward Entertainment

Helix (2009)
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