Heaven Is Hell (2012)

Genre : Action
Cast : Lindsey Marks as Faith, Christopher Marcum as Judas, Ethan Henry as Zerach, Mark ViaFranco as Jesus, Jack Schultz as Lucifer, Danny Heeter as Jake, Tierza Scaccia as Junia, David Bertucci as Thomas, Chris Meister as Thaddeus, Beka as Gloria, Joyce Porter as Mom, Tony Papaleo as Priest, Abel Zander as Jeff, Dan Latham as Sword Zombie / Soldier, Shannon Edwards as Mourner, Duke Czlonka as Zombie, Shane Hill as Soldier / Zombie, Ashton Clay as Lead Bird Zombie, Dennis Hindmon as Soldier, Jay Howell as Zombie, Jesse MacDonald as Soldier / Zombie, Robert Guwann Hinkle as Soldier / Zombie, Latoya Glaves as Crying Woman, Zack Meyer as Soldier / Zombie, Barry Vaughnj as Sword Zombie / Soldier
Run Time : 115 min
Filming Locations : Peotone, Illinois, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Two factions, single led by God, the other, Jesus, desperately clash because direct of Heaven. When God also the archangels score a demoralizing accomplishment critical Jesus, a grouping of spalpeen apostles meet to resurrect their savior.

Heaven Is Hell (2012)
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