Hanggang kailan ako papatay para mabuhay (2002)

Genre : Action
Cast : Ronald Gan Ledesma as Ruben, Eddie Gutierrez Alvin Anson, Manjo del Mundo, Dexter Doria, Reydan Ledesma, Yam Ledesma, Brando Legaspi, Anita Linda, Ervin Mateo, Margaux Montano, Rhey Roldan, Ian Valdez, Johnny Vicar, Zandro Zamora
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : Philippines
Language : Tagalog | Filipino
Ruben get older and his grandmother for the reason that his father gave wide awake the ghost with his mommy was resolute to marry again. His…
Ruben develop in addition to his grandmother because his father passed on to the smashing beyond with his mamma determined to marry again. His early life was sad with he blamed his mamma because his misery. Later, out of desire because money, he becomes a hired gun because a syndicate. Despite the full lot these, he as well strives to carry a private self belief hostile illegal drugs. So once he learns that his buddy with helpmate are into healing he decides to liquidate the members of the medication syndicate, save for he gets caught. And this starts an extra hapless sitcom inside his life…

Hanggang kailan ako papatay para mabuhay (2002)
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