First Squad: The Moment of Truth (2009)

Genre : Animation, Action, Drama, History, War
Cast : Elena Chebaturkina as Nadya (voice: Russian version), Michael Tikhonov as Leo (voice: Russian version), Damir Eldarov as Marat / Butcher (voice: Russian version), Ludmila Shuvalova as Zena (voice: Russian version), Irina Savina as Valya (voice: Russian version), Sergei Aisman as Baron Von Wolff (voice: Russian version), Aleksandr Gruzdev as General Below (voice: Russian version), Rudolf Pankov as Monk (voice: Russian version), Nikita Prozorovsky as Obergruppenführer SS Linz / MC (voice: Russian version), Olga Golovanova as Twins / Nadya`s Mother (voice: Russian version), Michael Beskorovainy as Hunchback (voice: Russian version), Artem Kipnis as Doctor (voice: Russian version), Vladimir Yakanin as Gennadi Titov, Igor Tomilov as Igor Domanov, Georgiy Martirosyan as Arkadi Yugan, Aleksandr Kirillov as Vladimir Ptushko, Theodor Schuler as Karl-Heinz Benz, Svetlana Borovik as Galina Bartchenko, Vadim Sinitsyn as Sergey Zharkov, Boris Ryabtsev as Stepan Bunitch, Aleksandr Pashutin as Aleksandr Pogodin, Sigitas Plaucinaytis as Jakob Kert, Gennadi Sajfulin as Aleksandr Nemov, Gennadi Sergeev as Gennadi Sergeev (as Ivan Prohorov), Liubomiras Lauciavicius as Pilot, Cassandra Morris as Nadya (as Cassandra Lee), Michael McConnohie as Belov, Joey Morris as Leo, Evelyn Lantto as Zena (as Evelyn Lanto), David Lodge as Monk, Tony Oliver as Marat, Rich Smallberries as Valya (as Dick Smallberries Jr.), Karen Strassman as First Blonde, Steve Kramer as Chairman, Phineas as Von Wolff, Christopher Corey Smith as Hunchback (as Chris Smith), Victor Sgroi as Recrut, Luis Lau as Recruit
Run Time : 73 min
Country : Russia | Japan | Canada
Language : Russian | Japanese | German
Set at many the arena in the likelihood life of World War II on the Eastern Front. Its prime order are a pigeonhole of Soviet…
Set at sundry guide of the opportunity life of World War II on the Eastern Front. Its original set are an order of Soviet young people along furthermore fabulous abilities; the young people withstand been drafted to make a really unusual holder to dispute the invading German army. They are non receptive by a Schutzstaffel (SS) officer who is striving to boost cherish the insensitive a paranormal army of crusaders cherish the 12th-century Order of the Sacred Cross also enlist one another inside the Nazi cause.

First Squad: The Moment of Truth (2009)
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