Everyman (2011/III)

Director : John M. Broadhead
Genre : Action, Crime, Drama
Cast : Zachary Harned, William Hughes, Veronica Lyter as Rebecca, Matthew Prokop as Roy, Michael Santschi as Steve, Patrick J.B. Simmons as Eric Farron
Run Time : 119 min
Country : USA
Language : English
`Everyman` is the fairy-tale of Detective Alex Dorman, tasked as well as bringing slurp influential mob manager Eric Farron…
`Everyman` is the tale of Detective Alex Dorman, tasked along furthermore bringing drink commanding mob chief Eric Farron. A grown-up of ideals, Dorman is unwilling to allow whatever discontinue him cherish rewarding the letter of the law. But as he is faced along furthermore Marcus, a trained killer on the route towards redemption, the file between statute with justice becomes blurred. Further complicating matters is an awkward killer – seen exclusively since `Jack-in-the-Box,` – who defeats the comprehensive thing likelihoods of no matter what a criminal should be. This is a tale of crime, justice, statute with redemption. The crossing of procedures between the praxis with their different motivations reveals knocking sideways events almost about the affirmation of man liberty with its relationship along furthermore justice.