Doomed to Consume (2006)

Director : Jason Stephenson
Genre : Action, Horror
Cast : Nicole Blessing as Traci Loomis, Douglas Sidney as Jim Williamson, H.T. Altman as Shane Stokes (as Thomas Altman), Don Prentiss as Tyler Stokes, Sonja Beck as Deana Jenkins, Joe Knetter as Zombie Mechanic Shawn Bartle as Zombie, Matthew Feeney as Sheriff Zombie, Rachel Grubb as Featured Zombie, Angela Hattenbach as Pregnant Zombie, M.P. Johnson as Zombie, Michael Dennis Johnson as Uncle Joe, Mary Karcz as National Guardsman 4, Nathan Lassen as Zombie, Timothy Meinke as Hapless Victim, Dan Mhyer as National Guardsman 3, Frederick J. Ostrander as National Guardsman 4, Justen Overlander as National Guardsman 1, Luis Rosa as National Guardsman 2
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Minnesota, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
A petty Mid-western town is jostle into havoc beyond an airborne virus unexpectedly turns various of the locals…
A minute Mid-western town is toss into disorder succeeding an airborne virus impulsively turns more of the locals into raving furious zombies in addition to an avid crave because the living! Caught amidst the epidemic is an eclectic range of survivors who`ve been hiding out inside a ram- shackled farmhouse. Now surging low on food, irrigate along with important ammunition to stock the budding measure of in existence insensitive at bay, they clean up their kits along with kicked off because a improved locality inside hopes of salvation. Will they live to notice an added day. Or will they more than usually turn out to be DOOMED TO CONSUME?