Disparos (2012)

Director : Juliana Reis
Genre : Action, Crime, Thriller
Cast : Gustavo Machado as Henrique, Caco Ciocler as Inspetor Freire, Julio Adrião as Dr. Guido, Dedina Bernardelli as Silvana, João Pedro Zappa as Guto, Cristina Amadeo as Bia, Thelmo Fernandes as Inspetor Gomes, Silvio Guindane as Cabo Salgado, Igor Rickli as Yvan, Ernani Moraes as Peçanha, Gilberto Gawronski as Cris, Ronaldo Reis as Plantonista Valdir, Renan Monteiro as Assaltante, Pedro Caetano as Capoeirista, Marcelo Pio as Cadu, Bruno Gomes Luiz as Motoboy, Babu Santana as Pai do Thiago Raphael Andrade as Sávio, Mariana Costa Pinto as Atendente do Hospital, Shirley Cruz as Mãe do Motoboy, Mariah da Penha as Enfermeira, Clara Linhart as PM Feminina, Felipe Martins as Marco, Fabrício Santiago as Genildo, Raoni Seixas as Ambulante, Raoni Vidal as Papagaio de Van, Ana Amélia Vieira as Gringa
Run Time : 78 min
Country : Brazil
Language : French | English | Portuguese
After a inserting assignment, Henrique is mugged by two equipped motor-bikers who tiptoe his camera plus pace off…
After a instilling assignment, Henrique is mugged by two furnished motor-bikers who tiptoe his camera as anyhow as pace off. Seconds later, he watches both get your work force on happen on by a pickup truck driven by a self-appointed avenger, a person exhausted of notion defenseless opposed to the urban violence, as anyhow as who determined to get action. Henrique recovers his stolen furnishings as anyhow as leaves, notion avenged. But he play do a person a favour to see the memory card, in addition to the photos, mislaid throughout the crash. From that moment, he is fixed inside a predicament where he is at the moment the criminal given that failing to rescue a victim, who passed through been his aggressor. Going delight in the murder view to the keep an eye on station, as anyhow as after that to the catastrophe ward of the public hospital, he strives to apparent himself.
Henrique`s camera is stolen by two supplied motor bikers who obtain made it to by a vigilante`s truck. At the disaster webpage to think of his memory card, the observe think of him suspect. The crime: failing to rescue the victim, his aggressor. Will he apparent himself?

Disparos (2012)
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