Different Kinds (2007)

Director : Eileen Agosta
Genre : Action, Crime, Drama
Cast : Jackie Billotte as Natalie, Chris Borden as Jared, Gina Di Tullio as Sal, Britt Rodemich as Kate, Louise Warner as Kit, Michael Licata as The Good Samaritan, Rachel Schwindt as Annie, Caleb Johnson as Bartender, Kate Lauer as Bar Patron, Doug Agosta as Bar Patron, Eileen Agosta as Woman at Table, Kitai as Himself
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Boulder, Colorado, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
A fraught gentleman plus merely 48 hours to curtail the delivery of an imperative deal removes a youthful woman hostage on a cross-country race towards Denver.
It was speculated to troth an easy scheme spark off – at least, that`s whatever Natalie with Kate felt as they primarily met the network of highways winding across the Front Range, cartoon each other into the Rocky Mountains. Two girls, a packed tank, with zilch between each other with everyplace on the abundant hand the open road. Five hundred miles elsewhere with near fast, Jared with Sal are delight direction to Denver, delivering bask in a spark off that would troth superior disappeared unspoken of. The dynamic of their relationship has changed, with the cargo they`re carrying would troth overly a lot of for the purpose that each other to handle. The similarly Natalie with Kate drive, the closer Jared with Sal are… with it`s the entirety leading wakeful to a rendezvous none of each other may well of anticipated.

Different Kinds (2007)
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