Deathrow (2000)

Director : Joel Lamangan
Genre : Crime, Action, Drama
Cast : Eddie Garcia as Lolo Sinat, Cogie Domingo as Sonny, Jaclyn Jose as Gina, Allan Paule as Cenon (as Alan Paule), Angelika dela Cruz as Sabel, Pen Medina as Gabino, Ray Ventura as Mio, Tony Mabesa as Governor Asunta, Spanky Manikan as Fajardo, Nanding Josef as Bangaw, Noni Buencamino as Nardo (as Nonie Buencamino), Jim Pebanco as Lupe, Alvin J. Bernales as Teban (as Alvin Bernales), Joe Gruta as Tuko, Archie Adamos as Donat, Soliman Cruz as Digo, Mon Confiado as Lukas, Richard Arellano as Ruben, Dante Javier as Asunta`s Bodyguard, Socrates B. Jose as Felix (as Soc Jose), Cris Daluz as Enteng, Mel Kimura as Cenon`s Wife, Cezar Xerez-Burgos as Mr. Perez (as Cesar Xeres Burgos), Angie Castrence as TV Reporter, Boy Gutierrez as Priest, Ermie Concepcion as Madre 1 (as Hermie Concepcion), Madeleine Nicolas as Madre 2 (as Mads Nicolas), Aloysius Noroña as Chief Superintendent (as Aloy Norono), Mae-ann Adonis as Diego`s Wife (as Mean Adonis), Maureen Mauricio as Tiya, Cris Vertido as Tiyo, Anita Linda as Mayamang Babae, Marky Alonzo as Rodel, Joseph Izon as Celso, Randy Ramos as Jimmy, Tessie Villarama as Judge, James Patricks as Sonny`s Lawyer, Pocholo Montes as Prosecutor, Ace Espinosa as Young Lolo Sinat, Jenine Desiderio as Ruby (as Janine Desiderio), Ynez Veneracion as Congressman`s Girlfriend, Menggie Cobarrubias as Congressman Ravela, Richard Quan as Armand, Mario Magallona as Congressman`s Son, Sandra Zobel as Delia, Iris Lopez as Isabel, Danny Crisologo as Conductor / Orchestra, Jing Alvarado as Lolo Sinat`s Gang, Jun Valea as Lolo Sinat`s Gang, Ariel Himan as Lolo Sinat`s Gang, Dennis Jordan as Lolo Sinat`s Gang, Leo Javier as Lolo Sinat`s Gang, Nonoy Martinada as Lolo Sinat`s Gang, Jojo Lopez as Gabino`s Gang, Lito Chaves as Gabino`s Gang, Edward Belaro as Gabino`s Gang, Ben Dugan as Gabino`s Gang, Sam Bahi-an as Gabino`s Gang, Jun Cortez as Mio`s Gang, Pol Pepito as Mio`s Gang, Romy Tolosa as Mio`s Gang, Joel Idol as Mio`s Gang, Isaac Bahi-an as Mio`s Gang, Nash Espinosa as Riot Flashback, Aga Fazon as Riot Flashback, Rey Comia as Riot Flashback, Jerry Olaer as Riot Flashback, Totoy Cadiente as Riot Flashback, Danny Zurbano as Riot Flashback, Jun Balbas as Riot Flashback (as Jun Balboa), Efren Franco as Riot Flashback, Danny Basas as Riot Flashback, Rudy Castillo as Riot Flashback, Jessie Gonzales as Riot Flashback, Jing Valiente as Riot Flashback, Chris Aspiras as Riot Flashback, Nato Comia as Riot Flashback (as Mato Comia), Danny Balboa as Riot Flashback, Joey Tajanlangit as Riot Flashback (as Joey Tahanlangit), Dado Mitra as Riot Flashback, Nesty Ramirez as Riot Flashback, John Lapid as Riot Flashback, Ralph `Jervis` Valero as Asunta`s Man (as Ralph Jeruis), Randy Roxas as Jail Guard, Ramon Nepomuceno as Jail Guard, Gary Silva as Jail Guard, Jun Acol as Jail Guard, Anthony Griar as Jail Guard, Rommel Rellora as Jail Guard, Ely Maguinit as Jail Guard (as Ely Haguimit), Benson Atos as Jail Guard (as Bon Atos), Dodge Dillague as GMA News Team, Edgie Villagas as GMA News Team, Alvin Maano as GMA News Team, Danny Rabina as GMA News Team (as Danny Ravina), Nando Sonza as GMA News Team
Run Time : Canada:113 min | Philippines:118 min
Filming Locations : Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines
Country : Philippines
Language : Filipino | Tagalog
Having strung together with delinquent friends to a household robbery that ends inside a well-to-do elderly woman`s death…
Having strung at the neighboring of delinquent friends to a house robbery that ends inside a moneyed getting on woman`s death, Manila slum formative years Sonny is exaggeratedly confounded to find in distinctive places jiffy the others elude keep an eye on capture. He`s duly convicted of murder – worse, since an adult, because the orphan boy`s advance certificate was engaged inside a fire, in addition to his callous be a factor in parents are nowhere to engagement found. Thrown into lockup amid hardened lifers, the scared shitless 16-year-old presently finds himself at the mercy of a lot of strong-arm cliques on loss row. He`s courted by booty-bandit Gabino, who plots to snatch suite bar "mayor" Mio`s status since indispensable executor of the in-house dose work handled by wealthy prisoner Assunta. A few data seize a plenty protective than exploitive curiosity inside the different fish. But Sonny`s paramount ally, it turns out, is old-school gangster Sinat, who at 77 is likewise gruff in addition to imposing adequate to live on outside everything the block`s warring factions. He as well has the psychoanalysis of far relative Gina, a church-sponsored legal advocate. As he is bored to death inside the early-release petition she offers, he encourages her to seize unsleeping Sonny`s case instead.
Sonny is an unloved orphan raised inside the slums of Manila. Pressured by his friends, he resorts to thievery. During only heist, his buddy out of the blue kills an ancient woman. When the keep see over arrive, Sonny gets arrested. A slight not capable to establish his innocence, he was convicted as murder along with sent to prison. Inside Deathrow, he is welcomed to the vicious along with spine-chilling universe of his inmates. But in the heart of these hardened souls is a gruff ancient grown grown woman who removes Sonny lower than his wing. He is Sinat, Sonny`s defender along with savior indoor prison.

Deathrow (2000)
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