Dead End Falls (2009)

Director : Gouzalia Van Mater
Genre : Action, Thriller
Cast : Gouzalia Van Mater as Sasha (as Gouzalia), Cal Rein as Robert, Khadizhat Nurbagandova as Victoria, Paul Teodo as Lenny, Oliver Finn as Michael, Alina Bolshakova as Natasha, Andrew Crandall as Leroy, Gary Dikeos as Slitch, Carolyn Kavanagh as Michelle, Tom Kilman as Sara, Chris Hammel as Body Guard, Damon Dayoub as Dominick, Morgan Farris as Samantha, Joanne Chew as Kim, Alla Zayets as Sofia, Rachel Alexis Stiller as Rachel, Samantha Lester as Sam, Ana Lopes as Anne, Sharon Jordan as Nurse Jen Albert as Trina, Lela Altman as Mandi, Sebastiano Bazzichi as Bartender, Cindy Beckett as Restaurant patron, Perry Benzadian as Robert`s Client, Rebekah Carey as Ana, Albert Cornejo as Martial Art Instructor, Tasha Douglas as Pool party girl, Oksana Duk as Waitress, Chynna Dulac as Pool party girl, Ian Fisher as Ian, Anthony Fitzgerald as Mark, Amanda Guarnacci as Pool party girl, Caroline Guidi as Amy, Dina Huntley as Amy (as Dina Zugec), Clint Lamb as Martin, Christina Linhardt as Waitress in mask, Stephen Marrero as Restaurant patron, Brie Mattson as Sandy, Victoria Mayzels as Belly dancer, Ramtin Motamedi as Boy in hospital, Sasha Olson as Pool party girl, Justin Price as Max, Muriel Redoute as Restaurant patron, Gerry Reyes as Doctor, Jacinta Robert as Restaurant patron, Lorna Rodriguez as Pool party girl, Ata Servati as Singleton, Parisa Shabanzadeh as Hostess, Alex Shteyman as Barista, V.A. Patrick Slade as Sasha`s doctor, Christian Snell as Pool party goer, Elisa Catherine Taylor as Kelly, Yakaterina Vasukovich as Katie, Tanner Wiley as Bill
Run Time : USA:90 min
Filming Locations : Los Angeles, California, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
The wasteland warm temperature rises since a Russian babe known Sasha guarantees to protect her buddy Victoria`s secrets minute causing some of her own…
The wasteland warmth rises since a Russian damsel detected Sasha guarantees to protect her colleague Victoria`s secrets jiffy inducing some of her own. Michael, a personal problem owner, will do no theme what to bring to an end data sealing him to the illegal operation. Seemingly inside love, Sasha takes out her personal problem into a wasteland getaway. Sasha comprehends that her intimacy problem in addition to Lenny was not opportune in addition to he foliage her given that numb amid the wasteland sand, in addition to she will realize that believe is a theme of perception. In a narrative of contorted intimacy romances in addition to lies, Sasha must treat a method to certify the detail as questions to who she imagined she was in addition to jeopardy it the inclusive lot to except those she withstand in no way met.

Dead End Falls (2009)
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