Crush Ball (2004)

Director : Hidetaka Ito
Genre : Action
Cast : Elizabeth Fujimaki as Kay, Ian Jan Campbell as Robert, Kristen Stall as Suzy
Run Time : USA:71 min
Filming Locations : Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA
Country : Japan | USA
Language : English
Apart derive pleasure the detail that she appears distinctive derive pleasure the recreation of her family, Kay is a standard pleased 20 each year old…
Apart relishes the detail that she appears variegated relishes the entertainment of her family, Kay is a average ecstatic 20 once a year old, who relishes exchanging blows and her aunt Suzy, a notebook computer whiz with her male listing member Mike, a famous person Dodgeball player. Ever because their father Robert departed various time ago, their mum Sally more experienced conveyed far more than the household. One day, Mike discovers the covert in the rear of Robert`s disappearance with embarks an exploration as the truth. Kay presently learns the detail that this everything has to do and her history links to the Lee extended family (an underground extended family in the rear of the tragic tournament of CRUSHBALL). Her staying power is checked out to the verge of collapse inside her primarily game. She`s unsleeping critical the Death God, Jin, the numerous great with shocking artiste inside the game. Who is Kay really? And will she persuade troth a CRUSHBALL artiste merit the Lee extended family with until her adopted family? This comprtment brainteaser depicts the unconditional attachment of a grading with a anecdote of destiny that crossed the way of two families

Crush Ball (2004)
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