Conceição: Autor Bom é Autor Morto (2007)

Genre : Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Cast : Augusto Madeira as Fugitivo, Jards Macalé as Caçador, Isabel Tornaghi, Thelmo Fernandes, Vera Barreto Leite Rose Abdallah, Luís Eduardo Amaral, Joana Medeiros, Marcio Menezes, Rodrigo Penna, Renata Reis, Samantha Ribeiro, Andre Sampaio, Guilherme Sarmiento, Djin Sganzerla, Fernan Donan Tunes, João Luiz Vieira
Run Time : 78 min
Filming Locations : Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Country : Brazil
Language : Portuguese
A assortment of immature persons is inside a tavern to drink, with they are aiming to opt for a anecdote as the show they are was firm to make, other than their natures are not entirely happy along furthermore the consequence of it.
A assortment of tender kinsfolk is inside a pub to drink, plus they are aiming to prefer a anecdote since the picture they are was resolute to make. We are aiming to eventuate the highlights of the conversation, spilt second we rise to spot inside the visual display unit the stories of their characters: the Fugitive, our lead completed the picture; two inexpensive bandits; one or two chatting inside a petite car; a destitute baby who sees the petite automobile passing more than one in all the bandits; a streetsailor, who trades plastic shit; a foreigner accidented plus the nurse that mutilates him succeeding the behavior of love; plus the incredible living of an old-time beggar person of mature age even if the eyes of the baby girl of a teacher, a missy and a overly bright education. Alternating and all, there is still the testification of mysterious kinsfolk who tells us theirs proposal since the movie theater they dram to do. That is the epoch as soon as "Conceição" listen in on the abundant one, to documentate the instruct of the kinsfolk inside streets. We will question an old-time photographer, the owner of a barbershop, an actress, a tatoodesigner, an old-time grown-up person plus a musical group. Slowly, the conducts show one’s face inside the bar, in anticipation of the epoch as soon as the preceding attempt happens.