Blood on the Border (2013)

Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Cast : Louis Mandylor as Agent Baylor, Jon Lee Brody as Yuji, Dave Vescio as Bennie, James Russo as Agent Sam Brinkman, Michael Copon as Sancho, Serena Lorien as Ana, Massi Furlan as Chico (attached), Bill Houskeeper as Bennie (attached), Sammy Durrani as Maria, James Wellington as Judge Kennedy, Cody Matthew Blymire as Daniel, Philip Willingham as Zak, Gary Van Haas as Rizo, Javier Rivas as Miguel Moreno, Paulette Johns as Judge Burns, Randy Arrington as Vern – Coffee Shop Owner
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : New Mexico, USA
Country : USA
Language :
A scorching key voltage information subject concerning the Juarez Drug Cartel furthermore DEA agents aiming to bring to a close one another inside a firm edge, fast-paced action-drama.
DEA Special Agent, Hank Farris, is leading a blood-bath assignment to pack up the hazardous fringes succeeding members of the Cartel are noticed sensible because off the wall beheadings as anyways as the cruel murder of Hank`s own daughter. In an odd twist, a Davidian Cult, is implicated once many youth are accounted insensitive loves medication overdoses. Religious zealots, undercover cops, twin agents, as anyways as the medication cartel will take listeners guessing inside this tangled cyber web of crime, revenge, as anyways as deceit.

Blood on the Border (2013)
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