Battle in Seattle (2007)

Director : Stuart Townsend
Genre : Action, Drama
Cast : André Benjamin as Django (as Andre Benjamin), Jennifer Carpenter as Sam, Isaach De Bankolé as Abasi (as Isaach De Bankole), Woody Harrelson as Dale, Martin Henderson as Jay, Joshua Jackson as Randall, Ray Liotta as Mayor Jim Tobin, Tzi Ma as Governor, Ivana Milicevic as Carla, Connie Nielsen as Jean, Michelle Rodriguez as Lou, Rade Serbedzija as Dr. Maric (as Rade Sherbedzija), Channing Tatum as Johnson, Charlize Theron as Ella, Christopher Jacot as Michael, Garry Chalk as Chief Faherty, Gary Hudson as Lieutenant, Barbara Tyson as Anna, Alistair Abell as Eric, Tyler Hazelwood as Anarchist, Tobias Mehler as Jonathan, Max Teichman as Man / Father, Richard Ian Cox as Mayor`s Assistant, Arminder Randhawa as Mayor`s Assistant #2, Richard Hendery as Santa, Ryan McDonald as Passer-by, Louis Chirillo as Individual, Deborah DeMille as Doctor (as Deborah Demille), Lindsay Bourne as Hanson, Mark Gibbon as Squad Leader, Tony Alcantar as Mark Harrinton, Mark Brandon as News Anchor, Rex Davison as Security Staff (as Rex Davidson), Glenn Ennis as Officer #1, Ken Kirzinger as Officer #2, Dean Moen as Officer Jeremy, Matthew MacCaull as Drummer, Debra Donohue as Shopper, Douglas Arthurs as Smith (as Douglas H. Arthurs), Kelly-Ruth Mercier as Female Guard, Daniel Bacon as Civilian, Marsha Regis as Protester #1, Brett Dier as Protester #2, Alberta Mayne as Protestor #3, Gina Holden as Protester #4, Paul Anthony as Protester # 5, Adrian Hough as Durell, Brad Loree as Cop #1, Alex Terzieff as Cop #2 (as Alexander M. Terzieff), Michael Agostini as Labor Marshall, Chris Robson as Staff Member, Linda Muir as Topless Woman, Adrian Holmes as Journalist, Yaroslav Poverlo as Lovitz, Dee Jay Jackson as Bus Driver (as Deejay Jackson), Haskell Wexler as Haskell Wexler, George Gordon as Anchor #2, Nels Lennarson as WTO Delegate, Barry Nerling as ND Cop, Nick Boganwright as Paramedic, Bill Clinton as Himself, Rik Deskin as Delegate, Michael Taylor Donovan as Union Marshall, Austin Farwell as Officer D. Andrew, Lear Howard as Hostess, Kelly S. King as Protester, Joel Ross as Anarchist #1, Peter Shinkoda as Protester, Kyle J.M. Thompson as Turtle Group Protester, John Andrew Vaas as Protester, Alberto Valenzuela as Protester
Plot : Activists blow in inside Seattle, Washington happiness masse to groan a rendezvous of the World Trade Organization. Riots with mess arrive because demonstrators lucratively bring to an end the WTO meetings.
Run Time : 99 min | USA:98 min
Country : Canada | USA | Germany
Company : Hyde Park Entertainment

Battle in Seattle (2007)
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