Archangel Alpha (2013)

Director : Aaron D. Martin
Genre : Action, Romance, Sci-Fi, War
Cast : Nichelle Aiden as Elena, Katherine Joan Taylor as Alexandra, Don Lee as Grigori, Nicol Razon as Bryn (as Nicole Razon), Trevor Hawkes as Bear, Dani Jae as Jinx, Bob Lanoue as Markov, Ray Kelleher as ECB Agent #1, John Fricke as ECB Agent #2, Nate Corbridge as ECB Agent #3
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
In the shadow of an betiding ice age, Elena`s nation-state of Praetoria is locked inside a decade-long effort and the Socialist Republics Directorate (SRED)…
In the shadow of an in store ice age, Elena`s realm of Praetoria is locked inside a decade-long drive plus the Socialist Republics Directorate (SRED). On the surface, it is a drive given that dwindling resources, nevertheless in lead of fact it is a subsistence with passing away battle given that survival. Elena encounters Alexandra, the SRED ace of aces, primarily inside the skies beyond her fatherland with at that time yet again at different lead of a possibility rendezvous inside civilian life. Elena`s colleague with mentor, Grigori, precautions opposed to being associated with her. Bryn, Alex`s wingman with confidante, imply the same. However, Elena with Alexandra are persuaded joined by a singular incident with advent an inauspicious relationship. Try since they might, the four friends appraise self persuaded into a haul of intrigue, betrayal with heartbreak since nationalistic pride with religious fanaticism collection their worlds on a rotating route to destruction.

Archangel Alpha (2013)
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