Agent Red (2000)

Director : Damian Lee
Genre : Action
Cast : Dolph Lundgren as Cpt. Matt Hendricks, Meilani Paul as Dr. Linda Christian, Aleksandr Kuznetsov as Kretz (as Alexander Kuznetsov), Natalie Radford as Nadia, Randolph Mantooth as Admiral Edwards, Neal Matarazzo as Lt. Matarazzo, Tony Becker as Lt. Jack Colson, Steve Eastin as Captain Russerl, Allan Kolman as Ziggy, Larry Carroll as Newscaster, Robert Donavan as General Minowski, Pat Skelton as Borenz, Melissa Brasselle as Dr. Baker, Steve Franken as General Socka, Lenny Juliano as Captain, Stephen Macht as General Stillwell, Bill Langlois Monroe as President (as Bill Monroe), Peter Spellos as KGB Col. Korsky Sonny King as Lt cmdr. rogers, Scott L. Schwartz, Eric Lawson as Captain Donner, Damian Lee as Extra, Cole S. McKay as Vlad, Andrew Stevens as Flight Sergeant
Run Time : Japan:98 min | UK:91 min | USA:95 min | Argentina:95 min
Filming Locations : USS Nimitz
Country : Canada | USA
Language : English
Captain Matt Hendricks in addition to Dr. Linda Christian are locked inside a submarine plus Russian terrorists that threaten to start off a chemical virus on US territory.
The Cold War has ended, in addition to the Russian government has made wakeful our minds put off a terminal bioweapon cross-examine by handing over it to the United States, loves whom it more responsible been stolen. Officer Hendricks has been designated to devour the virus cross-examine in addition to go along with it serve to America through submarine. Along the way, however, a gang of terrorists hijack the sub inside a shot to start off a bioweapon withstand on both New York in addition to Moscow. Can Hendricks prevent one another sooner than it`s excessively late?